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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
21:58:24  (Now) Fabio GorodskiGli Anni-Luce- 1999Historia da Musica Eletroacustica CD 57- 1998-2000
21:53:27 Rampant EgosPinned Butterfly
21:52:28 Parker QuartetStopped stringsCapriccio
21:48:50 Kronos QuartetRiley: Salome Dances For Peace- 2. Conquest Of The War Demons:Salome Dances for Peace
21:48:38 Break / Station ID
21:45:38 Philippe ManouryJupiter- 1986- flauta e 4X (Part 12)Historia da Musica Eletroacustica CD 38- 1983-1986
21:34:51 Deep Listening BandInvocationSanctuary
21:27:32 K. LeimerInutileThe Pale Catalog
21:20:30 Aaron HelgesonPoems of Sheer Nothingness- No. 5. A penas ...Poems of Sheer Nothingness
21:16:32 Dwight LoopAnswer to GodStation To Station
21:14:48 Adam Basantainstant gris IMemory is the residue of thought
21:14:40 Break / Station ID
21:14:37 Break / Station ID
21:02:25 Aquiles PantaleaoMaterialma- 1995 (Part 5)Historia da Musica Eletroacustica CD 52- 1992-1995
21:00:33 TCHSubstantia NigraSinflower
20:48:59 Beta LyraeTrainscapes and PlaneformsNebuleuses
20:42:19 Jennie Oh BrownLooking Back_ Just FollowLooking Back
20:38:36 Pat MuchmoreI. PortRait_8, __NYC10BABEL fragments
20:27:30 Roxanne TurcotteDe La FenetreFenetres Interieures
20:22:03 Pierre BoulezRepons (6 solistas, ensemble e 4X) (Part 6)Historia da Musica Eletroacustica CD 33- 1981-84

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