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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
02:40:15  (Now) Charles DodgeEarth's Magnetic FieldColumbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center 1961-1973
02:36:57 John LemkeOf ElsewhereNomad Frequencies
02:34:24 Karlheinz StockhausenMantra (Two Pianos and Ring Modulation) (Part 4)Historia da Musica Eletroacustica CD 27- 1970
02:23:22 The St. Petersburg Chamber OrchestraMargarita MetaphraseMetaphrase
01:43:27 Nathaniel Bartlett(((clang)))(((clang)))
01:40:01 Robert RichLaniakeaFilaments
01:39:52 Break / Station ID
01:29:44 Jennifer Choi, Esther Noh; Richard CarrickTriangle Of Resistance- SurvivalMiya Masaoka: Triangle Of Resistance
01:27:46 WativMid Tour Prelude #1Baghdad Music Journal
01:23:58 Meridian Arts EnsembleOpened To The Fragility (Slipping Away)- Re...Seven Kings
01:17:36 Jerome FroeseMrs. Misty KissShiver Me Timbers
01:14:48 Jesse BlumbergThe Lay of the Love and Death: Tower RoomLisa Bielawa: The Lay of the Love
01:07:42 DeCodaContinuum- IJane Antonia Cornish: Continuum
01:07:39 Break / Station ID
01:07:37 Break / Station ID
01:06:03 Liliane Mazeron, Stuart Patterson, Irene Jarsky, Christian TregTransition (Part 7)Les Percussions de Strasbourg
01:02:09 The Late Severa WiresIn ConferenceRewired
00:58:58 Cosmic JokersLoving FrequenciesPlaneten Sit-In
00:55:59 David R. MooneyThe Llama Strut (2000)Presence III [Disc 2]
00:49:21 Lisa Bielawa11 HurryThe Lay of the Love

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