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06:56:46  (Now) Guido Del FabbroGavisconCarre de sable
06:48:16 PRISM QuartetMr. Bobs and Lori AnnPeople's Emergency Center
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06:45:15 Pierre HenryConcerto des ambiguites- 1950- Etendu (Part 13)Historia da Musica Eletroacustica CD Extra 3- Pierre Henry 1
06:36:54 Julia Bentley; Lawrence Axelrod: Ensemble Nouvelle EpoqueNight Of StarsAxelrod: The Heart Revived
06:34:31 Pierre BoulezAnthemes II- 1991-97- violino, computador e 6 grupos de alto-faHistória da Música Eletroacústica CD 49 - 1991-1993
06:31:45 OnirogenOxygenPlenitude
06:30:54 Jeremy Gill05 Tip, balance, frog; woodCapriccio
06:30:48 Tim Patterson, Joseph MurfinMiniatures- No. 4. --Like Style, Dig?: The Music of John Bergamo
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06:27:44 Bernard ParmegianiExercisme 3- 1986 (Part 1)Historia da Musica Eletroacustica CD 39- 1986
06:23:42 Grilly BiggsGator Pt. 2Live @ High Mayhem 2005
06:21:09 Karlheinz StockhausenMantra (Two Pianos and Ring Modulation) (Part 4)Historia da Musica Eletroacustica CD 27- 1970
06:19:29 Karen Gottlieb05 Suite for Cello and Harp -- ChoraleMusic for Harp
06:05:01 Milton BabbitVision and Prayer (soprano e sintetizador)History of Electronic Music
05:59:06 NodeDark Beneath The EarthNode 2 (DiN44)
05:54:03 SubradialIce DiverIce Diving
05:54:03 Break / Station ID
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