Thursdays from 8-9pm Pacific time: The ROOST Creative Music Series: Archive Recordings

The Roost

Creativity in music can take many forms and can mean many different things. THE ROOST Creative Music Series was founded in 2009 to provide exposure and a workshop setting for new and non-commercially-oriented musical projects, and to support those projects by bringing them together with audiences that are receptive to art outside the mainstream.

Created by experimental jazz Tuba player Mark Weaver in 2009 in Albuquerque, NM, THE ROOST Creative Music Series is now entering its 7th annual season (2015). Along with the High Mayhem organization in Santa Fe, these two festivals have continued a fine tradition of experimental music in New Mexico for the past decade. These recordings are from each year of THE ROOST Creative Music Series and feature many New Mexico and visiting artists. The venues these recordings were made were from The Filling Station, UNM ARTS Lab, The Projects, Spirit Abuse Gallery and the infamous Outpost Performance Space in Albuquerque, NM.

Weaver commenting on the series, "My interest in producing The Roost stems from my feeling that if something has been important in one's life, it is important to try to give back, to try to feed and sustain that thing in the community, to keep it alive for others to experience and to become inspired by. Rather than complain about lack of community support for creative music endeavors, it is more productive for me to try to generate opportunities and strengthen grassroots artistic activities. I feel that it is the creative people who are responsible for the continued rejuvenation of arts and culture in a community - it is in the arts and culture of the people that the spirit and life of the community grows. And it is in the margins, in the crevices and the fringes, that the first glimmers of new artistic forms of expression begin to germinate. This is an exciting area to work in, to mess around in, these margins. The Roost intends to make a place which celebrates and stimulates activity in these 'marginal' areas, the realm of creativity."

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