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01:26:22  (Now) Zed Bias Feat. SkreamBadness (Featuring Skream)[Single]
01:26:13 Break / Station ID
01:20:57 SynkroAngels (Vip Mix)Getdarker Presents This Is Dubstep 3
01:16:13 Mimi PageNew (Phrenik Remix)Harmonious HeartBEATS
01:12:23 Infected MushroomU R So SmartU R So Smart
01:07:53 Noah DSeeeriousGetdarker Presents This Is Dubstep 2
01:03:53 Adam F & Horx Feat. RedmanShut The Lights Off (Caspa & Trolley Snatcha Remix)Getdarker Presents This Is Dubstep 2
01:03:47 Break / Station ID
00:59:23 LdOgorGetdarker Presents This Is Dubstep 2
00:53:17 Dj Pinch & P DuttyWar DubTectonic Plates
00:47:23 ExcisionObviousYin Yang (Single)
00:41:27 Soap DodgersContactIll Minded / Contact
00:41:23 Break / Station ID
00:35:27 CyrusRuptureNostalgia / Rupture
00:31:27 Kill The NoiseRockersBlack Magic
00:26:24 Benga26 BasslinesBlow Your Head - Diplo Presents: Dubstep [Explicit]
00:22:48 BassnectarZodgillaUnlimited
00:22:45 Break / Station ID
00:18:56 CyberopticsThe Secret Garden (Original Mi[Single]
00:13:23 Kryptic Minds & YoungstaCold BloodedGetdarker Presents This Is Dubstep 3

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