Drone Zone

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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
21:51:32  (Now) Yui OnoderaSynergetics 1Drone Records New 7" Vinyl Releases May 2007
21:44:34 Chris RussellFrom The HeartAralu
21:40:25 Rudy HillDynamix PolarizedAmbient Systems: initialized
21:33:38 EncomiastSuborbitEncomiast
21:27:11 Mirage Of DeepThe Cosmic VortexTalking To Stars
21:16:51 Max CorbachoConnected SpiritsThe Talisman
21:07:01 Tetsu InoueInter LinkWorld Receiver
21:00:49 Michael MearaBy Shadowed CliffsDrone Download Project Year 4 CD
20:57:35 RemanenceNocturneA Strange Constellation Of Events
20:54:23 Harold BuddTotems of the Red-Sleeved WarriorThe White Arcades
20:48:43 David ArkenstoneOborozukiyoAmbient World
20:43:48 Igneous FlameHarbour LightsSatu
20:40:53 Cliff MartinezJust Shoot HimTraffic
20:28:21 Carl StoneNyala, Part 1(Emit records)
20:23:54 Cleveland WehleIris BalletAmbient Solitude & Contemplation
20:10:54 Steve RoachAlmost TouchingStreams & Currents
20:07:40 Vidna Obmana & Jeff PearceViewing The DistanceTrue Stories
20:02:10 Echo-ESAfter The Rain ForestOpen Air
19:58:42 Kay GardnerDragon Stirs. Then SleepsDrone Zone
19:50:10 SundummySermons #5

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