Drone Zone

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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
14:32:29  (Now) Jim ButlerOf Space And StarsDeep Energy 2
14:29:05 High SkiesForecast FireSounds of Earth
14:26:58 EnigmaSecond ChapterThe Cross Of Changes
14:20:13 Kent SparlingError StartLeaf Spring
14:11:07 Copal RiverNew FreewayCopal River
14:07:48 SonanautWithin This CitySinking Upwards - Radio Mixes Long
14:02:38 Igneous Flame/disturbed EarthIi IHarmonium
13:54:38 Dan PoundFloating TimeRock Into Sand
13:47:05 Brian ParnhamMoltenMantle
13:46:53 Break / Station ID
13:40:51 DaevineThrough The VoidBeyond the Cloudline
13:37:15 Igneous FlameAngelicaTolmon
13:33:31 Jakob ThiesenTwincolumnsimpleprisms
13:16:35 SolyarisFire Birds Climbing Shining WaterfallsAscension And Revelation
13:12:47 Jack DangersPinwheel GalaxyElectronic Tape Music For T.I.T. Planetarium, Budapest
13:06:14 Bruno San Filippo & Mathias GrassowPiano & Drones 5Piano & Drones
13:03:51 All India RadioMioceneThe Silent
12:42:46 Christopher AlvaradoEngulfed LandscapeFog Music Volume 1 DVD
12:39:05 Consoler CtrlFull Melt
12:34:15 Erik WolloSilent Currents 1-5Silent Currents 1

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