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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
11:01:39  (Now) Howard Givens & Craig PadillaReflection and MetamorphosisLife Flows Water
10:55:19 Hollan HolmesIncandescentIncandescent
10:49:24 Circular RuinsWe Carry Them With Us When We LeaveInvisible Cities
10:44:12 Jacob Newman And Devin UnderwoHer GestureThe Vivid Unmapped
10:37:51 Ray GuillettePiscinaFrom Here to Tranquility, Volume 4 (Compilation)
10:32:02 DarkroomFallout 3 Track 04Fallout 3
10:27:20 Anomalous DisturbancesTide PoolThe Spirit Molecule
10:23:27 Harold Budd & John FoxxSome Way Through All The CitiesDrift Music
10:23:19 Break / Station ID
10:17:41 Robert DaviesAbandoned FountainWhat The Moon Reveals
10:11:10 A ProduceThe Golden NeedleBlack Sands
10:07:19 Dave LuxtonIf The Sun Fades AwayWhen The World Was Young
09:55:55 Broken HarbourThe Geometry of ShadowsThe Geometry of Shadows
09:46:08 ArrocataSedonaIn The Distance
09:41:35 Michael StearnsMantra, OrganicsBaraka
09:36:48 David Bickley & Tom GreenNorth WestErebus & Terror
09:29:25 MachinefabriekLawine (Excerpt)Marijn
09:23:35 A Small, Good ThingSaguaroem:t 3394
09:16:48 SolarisCurrentChimera
09:16:37 Break / Station ID

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