Drone Zone

Served best chilled, safe with most medications. Atmospheric textures with minimal beats.

Droning atmospheric space music and ambient textures with minimal beats. Music on Drone Zone is all about sonic textures and environments. Youll hear music by artists such as Pete Namlook, Steve Roach, Harold Budd, Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid, Dilate and the KLF.

Steve Brand Album Premiere; Friday October 3rd

Drone Zone is proud to premiere Steve Brand's newest release, The Space Between, on October 3rd, at 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific.

Steve Brand and the folks at Relaxed Machinery will all be in chat for a listening party. Join us, won't you?!?!

Steve Brand - The Space Between

Times throughout the world:

Oct 3:
2:00 pm - Honolulu
5:00 pm - San Francisco
8:00 pm - New York
9:00 pm - Rio de Janeiro

Oct 4:
1:00 am - London
2:00 am - Berlin
3:00 am - Helsinki
4:00 am - Moscow
5:30 am - Mumbai
8:00 am - Perth
9:00 am - Tokyo
10:00 am - Melbourne
Noon - Auckland

We hope you'll join us!

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