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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
21:56:55  (Now) DivisionBreatheMatthew Schultz
21:54:09 Stars Of The LidAustin Texas Mental Hospital,Tired Sounds of Stars of the Lid
21:52:59 Razor NoiseNoise Part 6Manifest
21:47:23 Mittageisen237 Tage1981-1986
21:41:17 Sky BurialDecomposition Of ShadowsOf The First Light
21:37:31 Love Is Colder Than DeathTaliesin And MelanghelMental Traveller
21:32:08 AttritionPredicament3 Arms & A Dead Cert
21:28:20 SpkMaladia Europa (The European Sickness)Leichenschrei
21:24:27 Lassigue BendthausRotation MecaniqueMatter
21:22:53 Razed In BlackWhippedSacrificed
21:22:44 Break / Station ID
21:16:56 WireFeed MeThe Ideal Copy
21:14:41 Unto AshesRubineBurials Foretold
21:12:35 AgonoizeSlave To Lust999
21:05:47 3d House Of BeefBrittleSimilar Attack Pattern
21:03:03 Fear FactoryRefineryRemanufacture
21:00:39 ToolFaaip De OaidLateralus
20:59:26 Mijael GutierrezThe CallingIxquic2.1
20:55:10 TraumaDuneFractal I
20:49:22 Des EsseintesReleaseMondo Macabro (Compilation)

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