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22:44:42  (Now) Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioRemember Depravity And The Orgies Of RomeCocktails Carnage Crucifixion and Pornography
22:39:10 Verne LangdonHypnotiqueMusic For Zombies
22:35:11 Sky BurialFreedom As A Last ResortOf The First Light
22:30:06 BleakGrey CloudsBeneath The Icy Floe v.4
22:27:15 The Truth About FrankTaritakoomCannibal Work Ethic
22:26:11 Unto AshesIntermezzoSongs For A Widow
22:22:24 Stone Glass SteelCircle Of SoundAnt-hology (Disc 2)
22:18:31 MemorandumPura Dalem (Temple Of The Dead)Karmanik Collection
22:13:25 Mijael GutierrezCeremonyIxquic2.1
21:58:56 SoriahEsqueleto De ChapulinOfrendas De Luz A Los Muertos
21:53:45 CommunionEmergenceIonospheric Intercourse
21:52:27 Gram RabbitHares Don't Have TeaCultivation
21:52:15 Break / Station ID
21:46:26 Das IchDes Satans Neue KleiderSatanische Verse
21:42:17 Clock DvaThe Sonology Of SexBuried Dreams
21:36:25 Joy DivisionEternalCloser
21:31:29 Lab ReportSong 2All Your Little Pieces Make Me A Whole
21:26:17 AttritionInside, OutsideAction and Reaction
21:22:30 Love Is Colder Than DeathTaliesin And MelanghelMental Traveller
21:18:02 She Silenced SeraphimMy Life For YouIonospheric Intercourse

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