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20:35:12  (Now) Nurse With WoundZero Mix [Ii]Zero Mix
20:35:09 Break / Station ID
20:28:55 Controlled BleedingHealing TimeTrudge
20:23:25 Philippe Petit & FriendsLydia Lunch & Philippe PetitReciprocess: +/Vs.
20:19:37 Mindy Misty Vs. Europ EuropTransport Fluid FactoryMindy Misty Vs. Europ Europ
20:15:47 ChainsawtoothCltchuNNatural
20:11:14 Sisters Of MercyValentineSome Girls Wander By Mistake
20:01:48 Lab ReportMovement 1Foundspaces
19:57:32 TraumaDuneFractal I
19:48:21 Matthew SchultzHornsSubla Kahn Nine One One
19:40:49 OlekranonLibertineDanaus
19:40:34 FractureEleisonKillernet
19:33:43 CamanecroszcopeAmong The Blackest Souls BelowEchoes ov a Beckoning Arcanum
19:30:38 AttritionVigilIn The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts
19:26:43 Lassigue BendthausRotation MecaniqueMatter
19:26:34 Break / Station ID
19:18:38 Die Form Sadist SchoolLa Fille Aux Yeux MortsLes Cent Vingt Journees De Sodome
19:12:52 Das IchDes Satans Neue KleiderSatanische Verse
19:08:04 Legendary Pink DotsCheraderamaThe Maria Dimension
19:04:47 Unto AshesDrei TodesartenSongs For A Widow

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