Recently Played Songs

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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
11:05:51  (Now) Velvet Acid ChristRepulsiveChurch of Acid
11:00:50 Anthony DiBellaDead CommunicaHorror Personified
11:00:35 FractureEleisonKillernet
10:57:04 Throbbing GristleBeachy Head20 Jazz Funk Greats
10:50:49 TransmetaChaos Stirs GentlyIonospheric Intercourse
10:47:44 AttritionVigilIn The Realm Of The Hungry Ghosts
10:41:31 Controlled BleedingHealing TimeTrudge
10:33:06 Fields Of The NephilimAt The Gates Of Silent MemoryElizium
10:30:17 Bedtime For RobotsGuess Who This IsFlying Machine
10:28:39 Big MouseLoud Hard Cold SilenceThe Seed Does Stir
10:24:05 She Silenced SeraphimEternal BetrayalIonospheric Intercourse
10:22:12 Revue NoirSunshine IvANTHOLOGY ARCHIVE
10:16:29 Turbo MessiahScorn-Free WorkdayArrhythmia
10:16:15 Break / Station ID
10:14:14 She Wants RevengeDisconnectShe Wants Revenge
10:11:00 ReganHigh Priestess/Hallowed Ground
10:07:25 3d House Of BeefSociety Of Old Crows [Scar Tissue Perception Remix]Similar Attack Pattern
10:03:13 Black SabbathPlanet CaravanThe Best Of Black Sabbath
10:00:00 CamouflagePompejiVoices And Images
09:59:38 Current 93The Stair SongSwastikas For Noddy

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