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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
21:14:00  (Now) Break / Station ID
21:08:37 CoilThe First Five Minutes After DeathHorse Rotovator
21:06:36 Jerry GoldsmithBroken VowsThe Omen
21:04:52 LunarinShiverThe Chrysalis
21:01:48 Psy 231Fear To FaithArrhythmia
21:01:35 Break / Station ID
20:57:11 Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioRemember Depravity And The Orgies Of RomeCocktails Carnage Crucifixion and Pornography
20:55:36 FeindflugLeere GrabenVolk Und Armee ...
20:48:47 3d House Of BeefBrittleSimilar Attack Pattern
20:43:52 Blok 57Warm LeatheretteThe Official Techno Club Compilation Volume Two
20:39:23 She Silenced SeraphimMy Life For YouIonospheric Intercourse
20:32:33 CamanecroszcopeAmong The Blackest Souls BelowEchoes ov a Beckoning Arcanum
20:26:37 TransmetaWhirlwind WeaverIonospheric Intercourse
20:20:07 AttritionThe TrialAll Mine Enemys Whispers
20:18:39 BeehatchSad For MarkBeehatch
20:13:26 EncomiastWithout Fear Of Wind Or VertigoWinter's End
20:08:20 Mijael GutierrezCeremonyIxquic2.1
20:04:13 Lab ReportSong 8All Your Little Pieces Make Me A Whole
19:57:58 Velvet Acid ChristRepulsiveChurch of Acid
19:57:48 Break / Station ID

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