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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
01:20:16  (Now) HrafnCrawl Into Dread's Labyrinth Act 1All My Dead Friends
01:17:34 Fear FactoryRefineryRemanufacture
01:16:02 Thomas RaniszewskiThe Moon in WinterA Midnight at a Time
01:10:55 STROM.ecValisDivine Legions Beyond Psyche
01:03:42 KobiThe Evening Was Unusually Sultry And HeavyDronesyndrome
00:57:20 ManufacturaUnforgiving DreamsWe're Set Silently On Fire
00:56:01 Electric Hellfire ClubThe Abattoir EternalKiss the Goat
00:50:21 CamanecroszcopeAncient Voices Haunt The DeepEchoes ov a Beckoning Arcanum
00:50:15 Break / Station ID
00:45:29 GolgathaRite Of SpringAll My Dead Friends
00:41:15 Black SabbathPlanet CaravanThe Best Of Black Sabbath
00:34:58 CollapsarReaching NariaiCollapsar
00:28:22 SpkIn The Dying MomentsZamia Lehmanni: Songs of Byzantine Flowers
00:24:32 Unto AshesSong For A WidowSongs For A Widow
00:22:14 Battery CageWe Need To TalkA Young Person's Guide To Heartbreak
00:14:20 Die Form Sadist SchoolLa Fille Aux Yeux MortsLes Cent Vingt Journees De Sodome
00:07:34 Matthew SchultzIndianSubla Kahn Nine One One
00:05:50 ScribbletronicsThe Ghost BookOld Octobers Disinterred
00:02:38 CamouflagePompejiVoices And Images
00:01:20 Click ClickBent MassiveBent Massive

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