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02:08:54  (Now) CollapsarReaching NariaiCollapsar
02:04:20 Click ClickRedI Rage I Melt
01:59:58 BauhausMask1979-1983 Volume One
01:57:40 Unto AshesIntacta SumSongs For A Widow
01:56:30 Razor NoiseNoise Part 6Manifest
01:52:00 Lab ReportA Pleasant Resolution-Classical -Atmospheres
01:50:37 Negative TripRetardDrug Time
01:45:06 Bohern& Der Club Of GoreDarkstalkerSunset Mission
01:43:29 Razed In BlackWhippedSacrificed
01:43:15 Break / Station ID
01:37:25 Das IchDes Satans Neue KleiderSatanische Verse
01:31:22 NumbA Dead PlaceDeath On The Installment Plan
01:30:04 Gram RabbitHares Don't Have TeaCultivation
01:28:29 LeaetherstripThe Nature Of GodFit For Flogging
01:24:15 Black SabbathPlanet CaravanThe Best Of Black Sabbath
01:20:45 ManufacturaBurned AliveWe're Set Silently On Fire
01:12:40 PhragmentsEarth Shall Not Cover Their BloodEarth Shall Not Cover Their Blood
01:05:52 CamanecroszcopeFrom The Gulf And Into ExistenEchoes ov a Beckoning Arcanum
01:00:38 Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioEucharist (Liturgy Of 6)
00:57:04 ChainsawOilCHAINSAW

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