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23:03:39  (Now) MonolithThere Are Other WorldsAtavistic
22:53:50 Ordo Equitum SolisAngoris NoxSolstitii Temporis Sensvs
22:47:59 Doubting ThomasExcrementFather Don't Cry
22:43:50 FaintBallad Of A Paralysed CitizenDanse Macabre
22:36:18 Mijael Gutierrez06_MigraineEva's headaches
22:31:54 For Greater GoodLe Jugement Du Roi En JauneAll My Dead Friends
22:22:08 Christian DeathThe Third Anti ChristSex Drugs and Jesus Christ
22:22:02 Break / Station ID
22:17:58 Philippe Petit & FriendsSeverin 24 & Philippe PetitReciprocess: +/Vs.
22:16:33 Oblivion Ensemble.Open [Ing The Darkness Of This HoleSeraphim Hallucino
22:10:05 Goethes ErbenKomaDas Sterben Ist Aesthetisch Bunt
21:59:53 ScribbletronicsPendulumOld Octobers Disinterred
21:59:08 AttritionI Am A Thief (Intro) (Dance Or Die Remix)
21:53:52 CoilThe First Five Minutes After DeathHorse Rotovator
21:46:20 OlekranonLibertineDanaus
21:42:54 WillEpiloguePearl of Great Price
21:42:22 AgonoizeGolipe999
21:36:15 NumbDistorted RelationsLanguage Of Silence
21:31:15 BeehatchSoftly SaidBrood
21:26:14 In Slaughter NativesTo Mega TherionEnter Now The World

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