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20:34:38  (Now) Sky BurialOf The First LightOf The First Light
20:32:03 Christian DeathPrayerOnly Theatre of Pain
20:25:47 CollapsarReaching NariaiCollapsar
20:21:13 Click ClickRedI Rage I Melt
20:17:16 WillFurnace Of SoulsPearl of Great Price
20:14:56 Battery CageWe Need To TalkA Young Person's Guide To Heartbreak
20:09:29 HeadscanSunken WorldPattern Recognition
20:05:49 In Strict ConfidenceDie Sieben Siegel (Intro)Collapse
19:58:56 Panzer AgDrukne I TaarerThis Is My Battlefield
19:53:12 PhragmentsThe ReturnEarth Shall Not Cover Their Blood
19:53:03 Break / Station ID
19:50:55 Sutures Are BaitDo Not PlaySutures Are Bait
19:45:11 WireFeed MeThe Ideal Copy
19:43:57 Mijael GutierrezThe CallingIxquic2.1
19:36:45 KobiThe Evening Was Unusually Sultry And HeavyDronesyndrome
19:31:07 Elephant Vs. BromleyMary Had A Red DressDanse Macabre Sampler II
19:22:00 Matthew SchultzReligionSubla Kahn Nine One One
19:20:08 ScribbletronicsAmbivalenceOld Octobers Disinterred
19:12:47 In Slaughter NativesInvocationSacrosancts Bleed
19:06:28 TransmetaChaos Stirs GentlyIonospheric Intercourse

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