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12:47:59  (Now) Steve RoachArtifact Ghost (Excerpt)Projekt 2007.1
12:47:55 Break / Station ID
12:43:57 Radio Free Clear LightThe GauntletThe Labyrinth Of Ohgel
12:38:52 Mijael GutierrezCeremonyIxquic2.1
12:34:38 Scar TissueSwitchTMOTD
12:27:09 Vidna ObmanaAwaken In Floating Colours-Composition 4Passage in Beauty
12:23:22 Mindy Misty Vs. Europ EuropTransport Fluid FactoryMindy Misty Vs. Europ Europ
12:14:13 Matthew SchultzReligionSubla Kahn Nine One One
12:12:52 Gram RabbitHares Don't Have TeaCultivation
12:10:11 Fear FactoryRefineryRemanufacture
12:04:48 FleshpulsefleshNo SanctuaryIonospheric Intercourse
11:59:36 In Slaughter NativesChristIn Slaughter Natives
11:54:42 Medusa's SpellLullingAll My Dead Friends
11:49:00 Turbo MessiahScorn-Free WorkdayArrhythmia
11:46:26 Big MouseStormThe Seed Does Stir
11:46:18 Break / Station ID
11:41:02 Ordo Rosarius EquilibrioEucharist (Liturgy Of 6)
11:36:51 FaintBallad Of A Paralysed CitizenDanse Macabre
11:30:43 AttritionBehind Innocence, LiesHistory
11:23:42 CommunionJesus Split The AtomIonospheric Intercourse

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