Artists we've played in the last two weeks:

3d House Of Beef A-Politiq Abandoned Toys Achenar Advent Sleep Agonoize Ah Cama-Sotz Andreas Ammer, Fm Einheit Annabelle's Garden Anthony DiBella Anthony Dibella Archon Satani As Lonely As Dave Bowman Attrition Autumn Cathedral Barry Andrews Battery Cage Bauhaus Bedtime For Robots Beehatch Big Mouse Black Rain Black Sabbath Black Tape For A Blue Girl Bleak Blok 57 Bohern& Der Club Of Gore Borghesia Brighter Death Now Brujeria Calva Y Nada Camanecroszcope Camouflage Car Crash International Carl Orff Chainsaw Chainsawtooth Christian Death Click Click Clock Dva Coil Collapsar Combative Alignment Combichrist Communion Contagious Orgasm Controlled Bleeding Coph Nia Cure Current 93 Darkroom Das Ich Deied Des Esseintes Deutsch Nepal Die Form Sadist School Division Doubting Thomas Drev Drowning Shadows Electric Hellfire Club Elephant Vs. Bromley En Halv Kokt I Folie Encomiast Faint Fair Sex Faktory Fear Factory Feindflug Fields Of The Nephilim Fleshpulseflesh For Greater Good Forma Tadre Fracture Front 242 Gebrochene Augen Girls Under Glass Goethes Erben Golgatha Gracious Shades Gram Rabbit Great Deal Of Noise Grendel Har Head On Fire Headscan Hrafn Hybryds In Slaughter Natives In Strict Confidence Invader Zim Iszoloscope Jerry Goldsmith Joy Division Joy Of Life Ken Elkinson Kobi Kristoffer Nystroms Orkester Lab Report Ladytron Lassigue Bendthaus Leaetherstrip Legendary Pink Dots Letum Love Is Colder Than Death Lunarin Malign Manta Ray Manufactura Manufactura Vs. Micronaut Matthew Schultz Medusa's Spell Memorandum Mental Destruction Mentallo & The Fixer Mijael Gutierrez Mindy Misty Vs. Europ Europ Mittageisen Monolith Mortiis Mynox Layh Negative Trip Nevermore Numb Nurse With Wound Oblivion Ensemble Of Skin And Saliva Olekranon Ordo Equilibrio Ordo Equitum Solis Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio Panzer Ag Parsec Philippe Petit & Friends Phragments Pimentola Prids Psy 231 Psyclon Nine Radio Free Clear Light Raison D'Etre Raison D'etre Rapoon Razed In Black Razor Noise Recliner Regan Rejean Paquin Remyl Rennick Revue Noir Rome Scar Tissue Schnitt Acht Scribbletronics Second Voice Shark Bait She Silenced Seraphim She Wants Revenge Sigillum S Sisters Of Mercy Skelectory Skinny Puppy Sky Burial Sleeping Dogs Wake Soma Soriah Spk Stars Of The Lid Steve Brand Steve Roach Stone Glass Steel Stromkern Stromlinie Sutures Are Bait Sylvan Synoiz T.G.V.T. Test Dept. The Truth About Frank This Morn' Omina Thomas Raniszewski Throbbing Gristle Tim Tool Transmeta Trauma Truth About Frank Turbo Messiah Unjust Unknown Forces Unto Ashes Vatican Velvet Acid Christ Verne Langdon Vidna Obmana Wave Workers Foundation Will Wire Wumpscut Yen Pox

Songs in the mix during the last hour:

Bedtime For Robots - Malleus Malleficarum (Immortal

She Silenced Seraphim - Eternal Betrayal

Wave Workers Foundation - Dissected

Attrition - At The Fiftieth Gate

Remyl - Addicts

Matthew Schultz - Mourning Hijack

Combative Alignment - Part Five

Achenar - Liberation

Black Tape For A Blue Girl - The Scar Of A Poet

Advent Sleep - No More You

Mijael Gutierrez - Ceremony

Big Mouse - Dawn From Innocence

Communion - Jesus Split The Atom

Razed In Black - Whipped

Numb - Trial

Des Esseintes - Fragments

Yen Pox - Hollow Earth

Beehatch - Something Too

Fields Of The Nephilim - Psychonaut Lib. Iiii

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