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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
19:32:42  (Now) Malka SpigelFinding YouEvery Day Is Like The First Day
19:29:55 YamamotoColumpioColumpio EP
19:22:29 Human WomanDddiHuman Woman
19:19:09 High HighsMilan (Slow Magic Remix)OPEN SEASON DELUXE
19:15:35 LiftoffNothing Is SomethingSunday Morning Airplay
19:09:04 Ulrich Schnaussbetween us and themFar Away Trains Passing By
19:09:01 Break / Station ID
19:05:27 AstronautsYou Can Turn It OffEnd Codes
19:00:39 CouchBlinde ZeichenFigur 5
18:56:34 Unni LovlidMyrketid (Polar Night)Rite
18:54:10 MakestapesShore BreakTexas (Exponential Records SXSW Label Sampler)
18:49:55 EgomunkWarning SignsFootsteps To Mars
18:46:01 BorkoSpoonstabberinnCelebrating Life
18:42:44 Park Avenue MusicSaltwaterBy Hearts+Horses
18:37:49 Fortune HowlA Terrible Machine (Mister Lies Remix)Earthbound [Remixed]
18:37:45 Break / Station ID
18:33:51 When The Clouds.The Dawn And The EmbraceThe Longed-For Season
18:29:25 Data RomanceSomething To MeOther
18:25:23 Album LeafChristiansandsSeal Beach EP (Spain Only)
18:21:10 ArovaneNeelMinth / Neel

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