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18:13:34  (Now) Neon IndianHalogen (I Could Be A Shadow)Era Extrana
18:10:33 BeaconFeeling's GoneFor Now
18:05:27 PulseprogrammingBlooms EventuallyTulsa for One Second
18:02:56 PopulousBuncoQueue For Love
17:59:52 Go FindNew YearStars on the Wall
17:59:48 Break / Station ID
17:55:23 SeekaeDome+DOME (MASTER)
17:49:06 Will Samson & HeimerStirAnimal Hands
17:44:00 Choir Of Young BelieversHave I Ever Truly Been HereRhine Gold
17:36:57 Sigur RosBrennisteinnKveikur
17:33:19 AliasPrelude To A Death WatchResurgam
17:29:15 GlasserHomeRing
17:24:40 StyrofoamCouches In AlleysNothing's Lost
17:21:06 Mike MiloshTime Steals The DayYou Make Me Feel
17:21:02 Break / Station ID
17:17:27 One Am RadioMercuryThis Too Will Pass
17:13:16 Lali PunaDon't ThinkPutting The Morr Back In Morrissey
17:09:35 Will SamsonColliding With OceansColliding with Oceans (Benoit Pioulard Remix)
17:04:19 Lanterns On The LakeLungs QuickenSXSW 2011 Showcasing Artists
17:00:35 KhonnorPhone Calls From YouHandwriting

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