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13:02:43  (Now) AerosolLet The Seasons DriftAirborne
12:59:17 HeliosFirst Dream Called OceanEingya
12:54:54 Lali PunaTogether In Electric Dreams (CI Thought I Was Over That
12:50:00 MiloshWrapped Round My Waysiii
12:46:17 KhonnorPhone Calls From YouHandwriting
12:44:25 Patrick WatsonIn CirclesLove Songs For Robots
12:39:47 Stripmall ArchitectureWe Are Not CoolSuburban Reverb
12:39:42 Break / Station ID
12:33:35 Ulrich SchnaussCrazy For YouFar Away Trains Passing By
12:29:29 PhaseoneIt's Not ForeverPhaseone/Parisian (Single)
12:26:19 Four TetUnicornBeautiful Rewind
12:18:11 ContrivaCentipedeSeparate Chambers
12:15:04 Barbara Morgenstern & Robert LippokGammelpopTesri
12:10:43 Sigur RosStormurKveikur
12:07:01 Glass AnimalsExxusBlack Mambo / Exxus
12:02:16 Ryan TeagueSingularHigh Five
11:57:40 IsanCelia's DreamBlue Skied An' Clear
11:57:36 Break / Station ID
11:54:07 Freelance WhalesHannahWeathervanes
11:50:27 BeaconSee Through YouNo Body EP

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