Digitally affected analog rock to calm the agitated heart.

Digitalis: Digitally affected analog rock to calm the agitated heart.

Music Director / DJ: Rusty Hodge
Played AtArtistSongAlbum
17:31:12  (Now) Neon IndianEra ExtranaEra Extrana
17:28:00 Young & SickContinuumContinuum
17:22:58 BorkoSummer LogicCelebrating Life
17:18:15 Ulrich Schnauss & Mark PetersYesterday Didn't ExistUnderrated Silence
17:12:39 CoppeThe Devil's Song9+10=10th. Anniversary : Coppe' {10}
17:08:05 Blue HawaiiDaisyUntogether
17:05:02 Lali PunaNin-Com-Pop (Two Lone Swordsmen Remix)I Thought I Was Over That
17:04:58 Break / Station ID
17:01:01 One Second BridgeFifth SeasonOne Second Bridge
16:54:58 BloomArjuna June BugBeautiful Worlds
16:50:29 ArovaneA SecretTides
16:44:57 OrcasCapillariesYearling
16:40:48 Masha QrellaTobi Higgs MixMonika Force (Compilation)
16:35:56 D NumbersXylem UpLightparade
16:31:12 XelaYou Are In The StarsTangled Wool
16:31:08 Break / Station ID
16:25:57 TychoA Circular ReeductionPast Is Prologue
16:21:09 MumMarmalade FiresNorthern Living
16:16:55 Toro Y MoiDay OneAnything In Return
16:13:38 BeaconBetween The WavesThe Ways We Separate

SomaFM time is: 17:32 (00:32 gmt)

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This Week's Top Artists

  1. Go Find
  2. Lali Puna
  3. Beacon
  4. Four Tet
  5. Album Leaf
  6. Douglas Dare
  7. Tycho
  8. Arovane
  9. L'Altra
  10. All India Radio
  11. Ms. John Soda
  12. Orcas
  13. Toro Y Moi
  14. Mmoths
  15. Sigur Ros
  16. Populous
  17. Heterotic
  18. Washed Out
  19. Sohn
  20. Blackbird Blackbird
  21. Asonat
  22. Contriva
  23. Helios
  24. B. Fleischmann
  25. One Am Radio
  26. Teen Daze
  27. Masha Qrella
  28. When The Clouds.
  29. High Highs
  30. Styrofoam

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