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Played AtArtistSongAlbum
00:48:16  (Now) WejaZheflon Nebulae 4th ZoneDCL1.1 (original face)
00:48:12 Break / Station ID
00:46:24 Christina VantzouThe LibraryNo. 3
00:40:55 Lucette BourdinLong Time AgoA Thousand Voices
00:28:46 Alpha Wave MovementArchitexture of Silence Movement IIIArchitexture of Silence
00:22:45 LemongrassVoyagerHypnosis
00:17:27 SunbearMeteoWeather
00:10:21 Harold BuddReiniPerhaps
23:55:16 Juta TakahashiDawnQuiet Rain
23:51:50 NheapKinesthesia 7The Ambient Sides
23:48:34 Ex ConfusionAs We AreWith Love
23:44:45 PulseprogrammingDon't Swell Up Your Glass PocketTulsa For One Second
23:32:58 AccouSlowly illuminatedNavigation tips
23:32:54 Break / Station ID
23:19:16 SydalesisDen SilhouettesAncestral Circles
23:16:26 I Awake feat. Bjorn BerglundMorning Drops (Part 1)Oxycanta III
23:09:37 Ian Boddy And Parallel WorldsSoliloquyExit Strategy
23:04:09 Maya ZimmermanMoonlight Sonata (First Movement)Big Lulls
23:00:21 BopNo Way From MarsAmbient's Not Dead
22:54:48 Stephen PhilipsClotheslineConfabulation

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