How to have your tracks considered for Airplay

If you think your music would fit nicely on one or more of our channels, please send it to us. SomaFM supports unsigned and independent artists, and we want to help great music get heard. Please follow these instructions, some channels have specific instructions mentioned below.

General Electronic (Digital) Submissions

(See below for special instructions for submitting to Boot Liquor and BAGeL Radio)

As of 1-Mar-2014 we require digital submissions and are no longer accepting CDs for most channels.

If you distribute your recordings on Bandcamp, you can email us a link and a "YUM" code, even if it is a free download. Please send a note letting us know what genre/style of music it is. Bandcamp is a great way to submit music as it's easy for us to link back to and they make sure all your metadata is accurate.

Otherwise, to submit Electronic (Digital) tracks, please use a service like WeTransfer or Dropbox. If you don't have an account already, You can get a Dropbox Account for free. Upload a folder with your music, and then "share dropbox link" emailed to the addresses below. Make sure your MP3 files are high bitrate (256kb or "v0"/Highest Quality VBR, 44.1khz). No WAV/AIFF/FLAC files please. Check your Metadata! Make sure your artist name and track names are correct. Include the album name where available, otherwise put "(Single)" withough the quotes. Put your website and email address in the comments field. Optionally, use the "Grouping" ID field to put the name of the channel you think will best fit. Set the Genre to be something that best describes your music.

Please submit a single folder; named with your band name and the name of one channel you think it fits best on (e.g. My Band - Space Station Soma). We may put your music on any of our channels that we feel it fits, this just helps us know what basic genre of the music is and to make sure the proper music director receives it.) It never hurts to include a text file with a little info about yourself and where people can buy or download your music.

IMPORTANT: 128k MP3s and files from Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc., are not acceptable for broadcast and will not be considered.

Physical CD submissions

Sorry, due to physical space limitations and the time it takes to digitize CDs, we are no longer accepting physical CDs. (Boot Liquor is the only exception).

Exceptions for submitting to Boot Liquor and BAGeL Radio:

Submissions to BAGeL Radio / 480 Minutes

For BAGeL Radio, please email a download link to a ZIP file containing high quality digital files of the release for airplay consideration. The ZIP files for BAGeL Radio can be hosted at YouSendIt, DropBox, WeTransfer, or several other similar free services. Please make sure that the files are 320kbps AAC or MP3 and contain complete metadata (artist, album, song, artwork, track numbers). Also, notation of the "radio focus tracks" is most helpful in letting us get off on the right foot with the record, and always appreciated.

Submissions to Boot Liquor

For Boot Liquor only, CDs can still be sent to:

Boot Liquor on SomaFM
5256 S. Mission Road
Suite 703, #605
Bonsall, CA 92003

Please note this address has changed as of 8-Nov-15!

Electronic submissions: please email a download link to a ZIP file containing high quality digital files of the release for airplay consideration. Please make sure that the files are at least 256kb (preferably 320kbps) MP3 and contain complete metadata (artist, album, song, artwork, track numbers).

CD Submissions to Multiple Channels

Please submit only one copy to the music director you think is most relevant. They will share it with the other appropriate music directors. There is no need to send multiple copies.

Obviously, only the very best submissions will get air play - we're very picky about what our music! But we will try to listen to everything we get. Sometimes the various music directors get backlogged, so allow us some time to check out your music.


Rusty Hodge, General Manager and Program Director
Elise Nordling, Music Director, Indie Pop Rocks!
Ted Leibowitz, Music Director, BAGeL Radio / 480 Minutes
Nitya, Music Director, Sonic Universe
Shawn Blosser, Music Director, Beat Blender
Milkman, Music Director, The Trip
Roy Batchelor, Music Director, Boot Liquor
Sean Sullivan, Music Director, Folk Forward
Dwight Loop, Music Director, Earwaves
Michael K, Music Director, Covers

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