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14:34:34  (Now) Julio Di BenedettoLove TonesLiving At A Higher Frequency
14:34:30 Break / Station ID
14:30:33 InfantjoyLeaving Somewhere With SomeoneWith
14:24:23 Multi ColorMoving UpCyclicity
14:19:52 Chachi JonesLanquidityDymaxion Daydream
14:15:23 FreeformBig TopHuman
14:12:30 BuoysFormanGrillo Parlante
14:10:09 Self OscillateXtortSelf Oscillate
14:07:19 AutechreBnc CastlQuaristice
14:00:35 Falty D LShe Sleeps (Ital Remix)
13:52:44 RfSpringFalls
13:52:40 Break / Station ID
13:48:54 Aphex Twin7 afxUnreleased Tracks
13:45:10 Mister LiesHoundedMowgli
13:41:32 Tanya PeaYou AreHandcut Icecubes 12" EP
13:37:25 ArovaneSilicadOccer
13:24:59 OunceOunce-Transistor Track 07Transistor
13:20:47 ZegunderBreakwaterDistant Birds? Thought They Were Leaves
13:12:45 Martin EdenVerionsDedicate Function
13:06:13 StaticSometimes I'm Sad For A Few SecondsEject Your Mind

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