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10:17:20  (Now) AutechrePiobmx 19Garbage
10:12:15 Four TetMy Angel Rocks Back And Forth (Album Version)My Angel Rocks Back And Forth
10:09:02 IlkaeAnchor PointPistachio Island
10:05:03 PlaidMeliferThe Digging Remedy (Warp)
10:00:53 StaticThe Moon Had A CrackRe: Talking About Memories
09:59:49 Aphex Twin15 TwisterUnreleased Tracks
09:59:42 Break / Station ID
09:57:57 Audio ObscuraTo Make Reality of ImginationBiography: Raymond Scott
09:54:42 MichnaTriple Chrome DippedGhostly Swim
09:45:50 Jon HopkinsColliderImmunity
09:45:48 Break / Station ID
09:42:42 TrentemollerKlodsmajorThe Trentemoller Chronicles
09:38:55 Gate ZeroBright ReflectionBlack Dust
09:34:44 Apparat03_07 SchallstromDuplex
09:30:39 KolotoAntares (Clozee Remix)Mechanica
09:30:19 Delarosa and AsoraNickel SkitBacksome EP
09:28:25 IlkaeCoconut KotkiPistachio Island
09:18:55 PemblsOutro PunkHumana EP, Cold Fiction Records
09:16:15 Nauseous Youth FutureFinally CookiesDosage
09:12:40 I Broke My RobotThe Afternoon We Tried SuicideTomorrow Does Not Exist

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