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13:42:11  (Now) The Japanese HousePools To Bathe InPools To Bathe In EP
13:38:50 Heartless BastardsGates of DawnRestless Ones
13:36:30 PJ HarveyKamikazeStories From The City, Stories From The Sea
13:33:50 Evans The DeathBad YearExpect Delays
13:29:21 Lake TroutShiny WrapperNot Them, You
13:26:11 Built to SpillNever Be The SameUntethered Moon
13:22:31 Destroyer3000 FlowersDestroyer's Rubies
13:18:41 The Soft MoonFarDeeper
13:15:51 They Might Be GiantsEraseGlean
13:12:31 The WalkmenAngela Surf CityLisbon
13:07:51 Bright EyesHit The SwitchDigital Ash in a Digital Urn
13:05:41 The Wedding PresentBe HonestBizarro
13:01:31 Division DayEnjoy The SilenceCovers/Remixes
12:58:11 Lost Boy ?BankCanned
12:56:01 Willy MoonRailroad Track"Railroad Track" b/w "Bang Bang"
12:53:41 J.C. SATANI'll Be ThereSick Of Love
12:49:00 HappynessNaked PatientsWeird Little Birthday
12:45:51 Gateway DrugsFaith HealerMagick Spells
12:42:31 Love Is ChemicalsThe Blossom & The ButterflySong Of The Summer Youth Brigade
12:38:21 SWIIIMKing of VeniceCellophane Castle

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